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Home Production

Automatic parking system STOP-Park

Ticket Dispenser terminal APT-B

Automatic Ticket Dispenser terminal APT-B  is located...

Ticket Reader terminal APT-N

Automatic Ticket Reader terminal APT-N  is located...


Automatic barriers and road bollards

Automatic barriers & road bollards are installed...

Automatic parking system STOP-Park is designed for management of special parking areas to provide automated or semi automated vehicle’s entrance and exit, payment collection and statistic report features.

Objects of automation
Facilities suitable for automation include: business centers parking lots, shopping malls and leisure centers, sports & recreational centers, transport infrastructure facilities: airports, railway and bus terminals, final stops on public transport routes; specialized parking lots and cooperatives; residential underground parking.

STOP-Park® automatic parking system corresponds to the present Ukrainian regulatory framework for this kind of business and could be quickly adjusted to the particular facility on customer’s request. Our service centre provides warranty and after-sales service as well as technical support for integrators and installers.

sage characteristics

STOP-Park® supports 3 parking passes types: single-time hourly or daily tariff (paper tickets), permanent month passes (contactless cards), free of charge service passes (contactless cards)

Parking service is provided within the range of 1 hour to several months with respective tariffs. Optional “Free term” tariff allows to set in minutes free period of time within the first parking hour.

STOP-Park® provides

-entrance/exit control in the following modes: automatic (without operator) using permanent passes and service passes; manually controlled by operator, using all types of passes;
-customization/selection/editing configuration of equipment, temporary settings, tariffs, etc. through electronic menu;
- possibility to set up automated parking determined by vehicle’s entrance, departure and amount of time spent on paid parking lot, calculate and issue a bill depending on the respective tariff and do financial reporting.

STOP-Park® can deliver an order for video-registration of vehicles entering and leaving the car park.

Account settlement

STOP-Park®  provides the following account settlement methods:

-single-time ticket allows entry of vehicle and ticket acquisition without prepayment and departure after payment;
- daily or monthly prepayment for permanent multi-use passes;
- no fee for service passes.

Infrastructure and staff on automation facilities
Parking is managed by the operator that issues tickets and accepts payment. Parking system customization and administering as well as permanent passes and service passes initialization is carried out by system administrator.

Payment collection point contains operator’s working place and the following equipment:
- PO-02 operator’s console and external connection controller BVS-02
- desk contactless card reader
- bar-code tickets printer
- bar-code scanner
- remote client indicator.

Examples of parking solutions 

Parking with combined entry and exit

Parking with separate entrance and exit and cashier 

Parking with separate entrance and exit, automatic entry terminal and point of payment


Parking with separate entrance and exit, automatic terminals and a separate point of payment



Electric Curtain and motorized turnstiles, tripods brand Form, model series presented "Classic", "BYZAS", "Titan" and "Grand", installed at access points of points of enterprises, offices, banks, institutions, and are designed for access control in manual mode at using the remote, and as part of an access control system.


STOP-Net 4.0 is a system that brings access control, intruder alarm and other highly effective security services to a wide range of facilities from offices, banks and business centers to educational institutions and industrial enterprises. This system is notable for its functionality and cost-effectiveness, great reliability and malfunction immunity as well as elaborately crafted architecture that allows installers to create individual design solutions for specific facilities.


Automatic parking system STOP-Park is designed for management of special parking areas to provide automated or semi automated vehicle’s entrance and exit, payment collection and statistic report features.


Monochrome Printer Tattoo RW (Rewritable) is designed for thermal plastic card printing (in blue or black). This technology allows you to erase and rewrite information on the same card for up to 500 times.


Adhering to a comprehensive customer service standards, effeff offers an extensive program of accessories. All that is necessary for the organization of the electromechanical locking devices and magnets from the transfer of power to the instrument control program can be found in accessories from effeff.


Brand IKON was founded in 1926 in Germany by ZEIS IKON AG. IKON-one of the leading brands for the production of safety cylinders, locks, locking systems and protective accessories in Europe.


The company HID Global - a leading manufacturer of access control. It provides a worldwide contactless smart cards and proximity card technology, access controllers with centralized management solutions based on secure and individual cards, software for processing digital identity and photo systems for the production of secure cards, RFID electromechanical cylinders.


CARD SYSTEMS LLC develops and distributes equipment for automatic fare collection systems and paid acess systems. This equipment allows to build AFC for different types of transport and offers a number of advantages compared with traditional payment systems.

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